NPWC Foil Nose

This is a test of a single skin sparless kite based on NASA's Parawing (NPW) with an added foil section in the nose.

Foil Nose test flight.

The spring time weather is very nice in Copenhagen. Time for a test flight of the latest strange creation to emerge from my sewing machine. This kite is pretty much a flat sheet of fabric with angled ends measuring 5 square meters. The TE has two small notches to maintain concave curve.
Initial impression:
+ Easy to make, totally flat canopy, straight line sewing.
. Kite is reversable. Kite flew much better with cells above the canopy instead of below.
- Smaller window than NPWC v8. I'll try 'real' test flights once I tune the bridle to see if this is really the case.
+ The nose did not collapse.
+ No bananna effect in TE of cell.
+ Cells inflated well.
- Not stable, 'nose heavy'.
+ Small notches in TE was enough to prevent any TE flap.

I am still processing what I learned during the test flight. This is an odd creature.

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