Fanø 2009

Giant Flying Lobster Fanø this year was fantastic! Good winds, great weather, and thousands of kites. On this page are some of my favorite pictures. Many more pictures can be seen on my Picasa Fanø 2009 web album.

There were lots of spinners and bols. I captured some of the motion in a movie (7mb download), also available as a Youtube video

The event was held from June 13th-27th. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the International Kite Fliers Meeting at Fanø.

I didn't see the monster crab from two years ago, but the lobster to the right was quite nice.

Here is a giant Bol attached to a car. The car has a picture of the Bol painted on it pulling in the opposite direction, thus preventing the car from being dragged down the beach. Seeing this in person was quite impressive; the picture below does not do an adequate job of capturing the HUGENESS of this Bol.

Car Anchors Giant Bol

Ten Point Double Star Kite This is a 10 point double star kite. I would also give it 10 points for beauty. Kudos to the builder!

The winds were strong, so there were several double stars to be seen flying. I am fascinated by the structure: the center is hollow and carbon spars under compression radiate outward to tension the fabric. It flies with one line attached to the center spar. Amazing!

Here are Ferruh Baysu's Plans for this kite. More information can be found in a Kitebuilder Forum Discussion.

More Bols bouncing on the beach. I thought these were especially beautiful. Having four bouncing around creates a spectacular display.

However, likely hundreds of hours were spent creating these beauties, and here they are getting slightly more dirty with each bounce along the beach. This does not sit well with me. Before making that kind of investment, I would invent an aerodynamic mechanism to prevent Bols from bouncing on the ground. And patent it. Yes, clean Bols which never touch the earth.

Four Bouncing Bols

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