Fanø 2007

The 23rd international kite flyers meeting Fanø was held from June 14th - 17th, 2007. Here are some pictures I took at the event.

Fanø Bad Sign
Fanø is a small island (56 square km) off the west coast of Denmark. Fanø Bad is a small village at the north end of the event's kite flying area. The Danish "Bad" translates to "Bath" in English.

The island is made completely of sand. There is a steady build up of sand on Fanø's western shore. The sand banks inside the island are covered with grass. Amber is known to wash up on the shores during storms.

Road enters beach
The main road connects directly to the beach. Cars can drive on the beach all the way to the south end of the island. Brilliant - a maintenance free road. Each storm that comes in washes all the potholes away and gives you a fresh flat surface.

Many kites at Fanø 2007
This is the view when I looked down the beach from the north end of the flying area on the first day of the event. A daunting number of kites streching for kilometers down the beach. Good excercise for the legs!

Ladybug bouncers
Cute bouncy ladybugs doing their thing on the beach.

Cody Kites
An nice set of Cody kites preparing for launch.

NPWC v7 on 2 lines
Did I get a chance to fly my own kites at Fanø? You bet! Here is my oldest daughter flying the NPWC v7 as I was tuning to fly it on a two line bridle. Information about configuring a NPWC for a two line bridle is found here. The wind was blowing hard on Friday, so I could only snap a couple of pictures as she was being pulled twards the water.

Soft sled kite with line laundry
Soft sled kite
Soft sled kites were the most common lifters at the event.

unknown kites
I believe these are kites, not line laundry. I have never seen this type before, but then again, this is my first festival. Help me out with an email if you know what these are called.

Fish and Parrot Kite laundry
There were many types of line laundry on display. I liked the fish and parrots.

Flowform kite
Flowform kite
There is no reference in the picture to judge the size of these Flowforms, but trust me, they were rather large. Without sticks, kites can grow to dangerous proportions.

Crab kite laundry
This was the most impressive thing I saw this year's event. A huge crab! The picture of the man standing under the last leg puts things into perspective. This thing is much bigger than my living room. Presentation was pretty good too. I was puzzling over how this thing could possibly fly, until I noticed the lifter kite flying far above.

Kite buggys are 4km down beach
The sign says the buggy and windsurf area is 4km down the beach. No wonder my legs were so tired. The beach is also very wide.

brass ferrule
Lost a brass ferrule? My youngest daughter found it! Send me a picture of the monster kite which needs to connect spars this thick and we will mail the ferrule to you.

This was my first kite flyers meeting Fanø. I plan on going next year. For the next trip: Thanks for reading! Be sure to notify me with more information if you know more about the kites photographed above, or any other issues.

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